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Xperia M2 Hank Can Not Be Turned Off there was a friend from afar came to the counter bring smartphone Sony xperia m2 with complaints if their phones hank the touchscreennya can't be touched when the button on a spin-off game can be used for off the screen to turn it off, but when do you need a confirmation screen sharing er even touch so could not be turned off.

The trick can be seen on this page.

First she asked for just because it is considered be flashed. error in the software, but want to direcovery can't since her cell phone could not be turned off, after checks here and there it turns out that there are hidden off button other than the power button.

Solution; Open the rubber cover of the sim/mmc slot later in the corner there is a button OFF and writing you can press by using tweezers or a needle because a small hole, then Xperia M2 you will die. Then turn it on again as usual using power button and touchscreen can function again.

Sorry can not display images due to trigger taken hpnya, understandably so far comes from the mobile telephone fixed immediately brought.

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So how to overcome Sony Xperia M2 hank touchscreen can not be actuated by pressing the emergency off, may be useful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 5:59 am

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